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Ismaray Chacón Aspirina

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Ismaray Workshop Croacia 2013


In the short timeperiod since 2010, Ismaray achieved a quite impressive career, hopping from festival to festival from Switzerland over Europe up to Russia. Maybe you had the chance to meet her at one of the festivals.

She is the grand-daughter of the unique Luis Chacón Aspirina (Bar @ Buena Vista, Tropicana, Founder of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, etc.). Together with her father Luis Antonio (Percussionist of Paulo F.G.) she is carrying on his great cultural heritage.

Ismaray convinces besides her inspiring beeing through her broad knowledge about her culture and through her great initiative for it. She speaks spanish, english, german, a little french and italian, so even if you don't speak spanish you will always find a way to comunicate with her.

She is very happy about everybody who is participating in her lessons, workshops, watches her shows and is part of one of her events and now also culture- and dancetrips. She is developing all these projects and initiatives out of her heart.



It is her great interest, to make her students and fans see and feel her culture as part of a family.


She provides new perspectives to her family and friends

She is supporting her mother Magdolis who is a great cook, in building and promoting her own restaurant "LA CUBANISIMA de 84" in Güines.

Her cousin Damarys is an organisational talent and is currently checking the best rooms and locations for you. Together with Ismaray they are working out the detailed programming of the trip.

Ismaray is mobilizing her entire family for the Cuba dance- and cultural trip. Everyone receives his place and his responsibility.


Besides her family, she is also working with some of our great artist friends for dance- and percussion workshops.

She is maintaining a very high level in her specialities and is convinced about the importance of teaching a solid basis in movements and rhythm.

It is very important for Ismaray to provide her family and friends in Cuba with work. She is defending an idea of salaries in accordance to the market.



In Zürich Ismaray is teaching at the danceschool, Ismaray is a member, expert and teacher of




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