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14 days in Cuba

28th of October - 10th of November 2016

In 14 dias you will learn to dance, get a deaper knowledge about the Cuban rhythms and you will see Cuba on an organized trip.



Ismaray & Koky

Dance course

We are offering 3 hours of lessons a day.

The dance-workshops of Rumba, Ritmos Populares and Sond will be accompanied by live music. This will inject you the entire energy of the Cuban rhythms and you will be able to guide yourself through the complexity of Cuban music.

We will held the workshops in different places around La Habana, so you will get in touch with different areas of the city.

The teachers are first class dancers and they will teach you a real Cuban basis to keep building up your danceskills.

In our workshops you will learn Salsa en Pareja, Movimientos Corporales, Estilo de la Calle for women and men, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Mozambique, Pilon, Mambo, Carnaval, Rumba, Afro-Cubano, Timba (Salsa), Rueda de Casino.


We will inform you daily about concerts, parties and cultural events!


Visiting the countryside

After intense dance lessons we will visit the marvellous beaches of Varadero, the unique perl of colonial dust Trinidad and Viñales. This will be our way to get out of the hectic life of La Habana and just enjoy our time.



Trip planning

Day 1

Arrival at La Habana and transfer to the Casa Particulares in La Habana.


Day 2 - 13

we will have a welcome party at home with Los Aspirinas.

During the 8 days of lessons we will meet after the lessons to inform about the planning of the day.

We will start in the morning with dance lessons and study the different rhythms and body movements to use them in Timba (Cuban actual Salsa).

After the daily lessons we will eat great comida criolla in different restaurants.

Twice the lessons will be at "La casa de Los Aspirinas" and "La Cubanisima de 84" will serve lunch.

We will go out for 3 great matinees with a group of the Cuban dancers.

In the afternoon you will have enough time to enjoy the massive offer of cultural events, you can get out of the city to the beach Playas del Este, you can enjoy your time at the famous Malecon or you can just dig deaper into the streets of La Habana.

Load up your batteries with Cuban energy!!


We will leave the city behind in diferent trips. You will need your bikini or shorts as we will move out of hectic La Habana over to Varadero and Trinidad. We meet the countryside and the fantastic caribbean beaches.

The last 3 hours of dance lessons will be a repetition of what you have learned and everyone will give a short presentation of it.

At night there will be the farewell party at home with Los Aspirinas with a Cuban "Mesa Sueca", Rumba and Timba!

The last day you will have enough time to chat with new friends and colleagues and to say goodby or to visit leftover places.


Day 14 Flying back


In our programming the participation at the following activities is mandatory:

• 1 live concerts

• 1 collective meals with the group

• Welcome and farewell parties

• 1 collective tours with the group


Cuba te llama!