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Attic Independent Production GmbH

Attic Independent Production GmbH

Attic Independent Production GmbH organizes the Cuba trips. The projects in Cuba we are working on are our own initiatives and properly financed. We are specialiced as an artist agent, as a producer of audio-visual material as well as providing additional services in the audio-visual sector and as an organizer of projects and tours with according purposes.


Our experienced cooperation with Cuba is based on our realized projects.



Starting 2010

Los Aspirinas

Transmission of family tradition in shows, recordings, workshops and tours.

In September 2010 Attic Independent Production GmbH started live-recording with Los Aspirinas in Havana, bringing the Project to life.

In Oktober 2010 Attic Independent Production GmbH presented the project Los Aspirinas at WOMEX in Kopenhagen.

During spring 2011 the project Los Aspirinas was presented live for the first time in Europe.




Summer 2012 - Los Aspirinas - European Tour

Fall 2012 - Pisando Fuerte - European Tour

Summer 2013 - Summer Tour - European Tour

Fall 2013 - Russia


In December 2011 we recorded 4 songs of Yoruba culture in a record studio in Havana for further use in danceshows at festivals and congresses. During the same period we recorded 2 Timba songs following promotional purposes feat. Los Aspirinas. During one week, they thaught a group from England the different aspects of dance and percussion in Cuba.

We cooperate with different danceschools in Europe and Russia.

We are very glad about all great feedbacks of participants of our workshops and concerning our shows.


Thank you for following us as student or fan!!






The Black Roots of Salsa

Documentary film projekt about the origin and evolution of todays world famous Salsa.


The documentary is a historical journey into dancing and music of the Afro-Cuban culture.

This documentary unwinds the complexity of many traditional and cultural movements in Cuba. The deeply rooted approach to the life of the descendants of historically deported African slaves is expressed in the Cuban ‚Rumba‘.

The traditions are carried on through the generations, and it is shown how they evolve and how they are conserved.

Showing the personality of each of the artists in their cultural work, the documentary discovers the Afro-Cuban religions as performances and manifests their influence on one of the most progressive movements of today‘s music and dance performance.

Without the rhythmic pattern, called ‚Clave‘, originating in the ‚Abakua‘ tradition, the world-known ‚Salsa‘ would not exist.


The Black Roots of Salsa - Trailer on Youtube




Youtube Channel of Attic Independent Production GmbH

Starting 2007

The international presence of the artists on youtube focuses on building an archive of Afro-Cuban culture using modern communication media where artists of special importance, practicing this complex culture are passing over their knowledge to future generations.

The channel contains 150 selfpublished longer or shorter clips, documenting the knowledge, rhythms, bodymovements and part of the history of the great Cuban culture.

Attic Independent Production is a Youtube Partner where parts of Youtube advertisement income is getting distributed to the Artists in Cuba according to their importance for the channel.




Starting 2013

Adonis y Osain del MonteLogo Adonis y Osain del Monte

Adonis is challenging the Rumba movment in Havana with his new virtuosic group.

The Idea of the new group started during recordings with the Team Cuba. Adonis Panter Calderón showed strong responsibility during the administrative process on guiding the group through the different evaluations. Attic Independent Production supports the project from its beginning on.

Even if the group was just founded they can already count on a devoted audience, not missing one concert. They are young, virtuosic, creative and popular.

The videoclip Cachita, produced by Attic Independent Production confirms the potential of the group.

Highquality fotos for international promotion was shot and a fanpage on facebook was started.

Adonis is currently the most creative and active protagonist of the afrocuban culture in Cuba. We are looking forward to great performances of the group as we see firm potential in the project.




Starting 2012

Paladar La Cubanisima de 84 - 2013Magdolis Tejeda (Ismaray's mother) decided in 2012 to buy the house, where the paladar LA CUBANISIMA de 84 is getting built.

Logo Paladar La Cubanisima de 84

We supported her with investments for construction, provided knowledge for developing a strategy to grow the project constantly.

On our trip we will have the chance to taste real Comida Criolla from Magdolis. LA CUBANISIMA de 84 in Action!! Magdolis will take care of great food during welcome and farewell parties!




Starting 2009

We produce recordings in different formats and styles below this name.


All artists maintain a great artistic carrear and lots of stage experience. Everyone developed his own style of playing his instrument or dancing and it is the mix of all these styles evoking a great energy during their Shows!







Attic Independent Production managed the socio-cultural kids project La Rumba no va a Morir during 4 years until it had to be given up for differnt reasons.

2007 Attic Independent Production presented the documentary film La Rumba no va a Morir on DVD. It is covering the history of the project until then and is staging the Afro-Cuban, cultural surrounding of the Kids in their Barrio.

The original Film is not available anymore but we are working on a new version containing more accurate material.