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Ismaray mit Koky

I don't just invite you to travel to Cuba, I invite you to live Cuba.

It will be a time where we will dance a lot, listen to our great musical repertory, play the drumms and just live with Cuban people.
I will teach you Salsa, Afro-Cuban rhythms and dances, show you the incredible caribbean beaches and make you feel the unique Cuban way of life in an atmosphere of family and friends.
Just a unique experience!



28th of October - 10th of November 2016

8 day trips can be booked during the entire year.


Since 2011 I am bringing my family and artist friends to Europe and Switzerland through Attic Independent Production, meeting great interrest about my culture, the activity of my family and our dances and percussion.



With my dance- and cultural trips to Cuba I want to show you my culture as a Cuban citizen, where it lives and constantly moves.


Besides dance- and music lessons, the travelplanning includes many specials. I bring you to special places you would not get to know on your own.



We care about ambiente a lo Cubano everyday!